Prayer Makes a Difference at Synod 2015 | Article | Christian Reformed Church

Please CLICK HERE or on the Rev. Heather Stroobosscher’s IMAGE ABOVE to read her report on the recent Christian Reformed Church Synod:  “Prayer Makes a Difference”

If you have ever eaten an egg from Costco, you should know this. | elephant journal

We occasionally buy eggs from ‘Walco’ or ‘Costmart’ because the price seems right financially, and well we are there, so we might as well grab a few things.  Lame but true. Jesus help us, the sinful system around us is … Continue reading →

Jon Stewart — Charleston Church Shooting — Canada, Think

Canadians, lest we smuggly think the US is the one with murderous racist problems, think residential schools for aboriginals. It’s no mistake that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission that recently presented its final report is named for a famous commission dealing with Apartheid in South Africa. As South Africa was to it’s indegenous people so Canada is, in many ways, to our indigenous peoples.

Jesus, Help!