There’s Another Reason Why Many Pastors Leave the Ministry |

Please click the image or text below to link to Frank’s article on In a previous article, Bo Lane, founder of, wrote eloquently on why so many pastors leave the clergy today. Between 1,500 and 2,000 pastors become … Continue reading →

Life of solitude: A loneliness crisis is looming – The Globe and Mail

Please CLICK HERE or on the IMAGE ABOVE to LINK to the Globe & Mail Article “Life of Solitude:  A loneliness Crisis Looming”

For a link to a community initiative in Edmonton, AB that is seeking to combat this isolation PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Lanark EcoVillage | Discussions, ideas, progress: EcoVillage development in Lanark

A Website towards establishing an intentional sustainable community in Eastern Ontario (Lanark, Canada) This is a project in which author, philosopher, speaker, woodworker Mike Nickerson is deeply involved.  It is not specifically a Christian community, but many of its … Continue reading →