Green Lid — out of Brockville, ON

I don’t receive any compensation for the following infomercial.  I just think it’s a great product from a more or less triple bottom line, 3p business.   … Continue reading →

Responding to Grist’s Eve Andrew’s response to the Question of why Grist writes about Abortion.

I subscribe to Grist briefly and generally find in them a sound humourous advocate for the sane tackling of the ecological, economic, social and political issues that face us as the crew of space ship earth (Thanks,Buckminster Fuller). However, like … Continue reading →

Dramatic Example of errosion for No Till vs conventional agriculture following 6 inch rain event

Notill vs conventional till after a 6 inch rain event. The power of residue and good soil structure! — Michael Thompson (@Tfarmandranch) September 8, 2016 … Continue reading →