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Jesus & the Missouri Miracle at Highway Crash — ABC News

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Even if this was a human minister who somehow managed to be there at the right time, and somehow managed not to be in any of the photos, the arrival of tools that worked according to the ‘word of knowledge’ that the ‘priest’ gave after prayer and anointing is still a miracle. Thank you, Jesus.

–Update July 1, original post June 30, featured July 5—

In praying gratitude for this story this morning it hit me that  I correctly inferred the person of Jesus as the one to thank.  However, the story doesn’t mention Jesus once.  It does not even directly reference God.  It explicitly mentions angels, priests, churches, faith, prayer out loud, miracles, anointing oil but no mention of Jesus.*

So what?  We can infer it.

But think again.  Lot’s of people pray, even most atheists, in moments of doubt around their convictions of ‘no deity’, have tried prayer.  Agnostics pray, new age people pray, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Zoroastrians, animists, satanists, Wiccans, pagans, neo-pagans all pray. Very few people in our post-modern world have any problem with general notions of prayer, benevolent spirit beings, or miracles.

The stumbling block is JESUS.  The real Jesus.  The real resurrected JESUS (not our mold-able notions of our own personal ‘jesus’).  JESUS is the scandal (literally stumbling block or snare from the Greek).

Now, from the cultural context, I’m pretty sure that Katie’s prayer ‘out loud’ was in the name of Jesus, even if she did not explicitly mention his name.  I’m fairly certain that Katie and most of the first responders are acting and thinking in terms of faith in Jesus when they reference things like angels, priests, and miracles.

BUT the news clip, embedded above, does not mention JESUS once.  Thus, the witness thorough ABC, while true, is fuzzy.

By and large Babylon (dominant human culture in rebellion against Jesus)  has no problem with miracles.  But the spirit of the Age, the spirit of Babylon, HATES JESUS.  So intentionally, or not ,Jesus gets edited out of the news.  It may not have even been a conscious choice.  It may have just been automatic out of a sense of not offending people.

Jesus is an offense and a scandal.

It’s not that we have to go about making Jesus explicit ALL the time.

But we must be careful not to shape our behaviour to a culture that by and large is offended by the real Jesus.  And when miracles occur we must not edit his name out of the credit.

(Note:  Katie and the first responders may well have given explicit glory to Jesus and the raw footage of that may have simply ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ (or whatever the digital equivalent is these days) through the explicit, or implicit, editorial choices that put the ABC story together.)

Lord Jesus, may we never be afraid to call your name.  Jesus, may we never yield to follow patterns of behaviour that automatically edit you out of our conversation and explanation of events, both ‘ordinary’ and extraordinary.

*I’ve listened to the video link many times and haven’t heard the word  ‘Jesus’ once.  If I’m mistaken please correct me.  If you know of some footage that DOES explicitly credit Jesus, please let me know.  I want to explicitly give glory to Jesus for all that He is doing; whether he accomplishes it ‘naturally’ or ‘supernaturally’.


For another take on angels responding to prayer PLEASE CLICK HERE to read Matthew Ruttan’s 2014 Post on his experience.  Matthew is the pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Barrie, Ontario Canada.

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