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Responding to Grist’s Eve Andrew’s response to the Question of why Grist writes about Abortion.

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I subscribe to Grist briefly and generally find in them a sound humourous advocate for the sane tackling of the ecological, economic, social and political issues that face us as the crew of space ship earth (Thanks,Buckminster Fuller).

However, like all things human (including the opinions of this author) they need to be filtered through the wisdom of God’s Word externally given in the 66 books of the catholic (not necessarily Roman) canon and the internal / communal witness, guidance, & authority of the Holy Spirit (as promised and provided to Christ’s Body (not necessarily magisterial)).

In her recent blog piece “Roe v. Wake up Sheeple” (click HERE to read) Grist correspondent Eve Andrews concludes by asking the question: why do we [Grist] write about abortion?  When you click the link to find the answer one is presented with the following video:


However, the video does not mention abortion out right.  The video is about birth control and reproductive rights.  A much broader category than that of abortion.

Below is my response to the video as posted on the Grist comments section:

Birth control education: yes, it is good.

Women and men, boys and girls, need education and access, and choice, with regards to birth control. That truth does not mean that abortion is just another form of birth control.

Technically abortion is birth control because it controls whether a human will be born. But it is birth control with a difference. The difference is it involves the death of a human being, the fetus.

Yes, there is a history of racism and oppression. A history of racism and oppression does not mean that the death of the fetus is a good option equivalent to the use of a condom. Abortion is a form of homicide. It’s aesthetically more palatable than infanticide in that it occurs before the human being is visible, and before that clump of cells is visibly human. But that clump of cells has its own genome, distinct from that of the mother, though obviously related. That clump of cells is an individual human. Killing a human is homicide.

Cute toaster images are helpful in explaining birth control but they avoid the ugliness of the death of unborn humans. Even if one believes that abortion is justifiable, please don’t cover the reality of death with toast. And please don’t lump something as outstanding as ABORTION in with other methods of birth control. yes it is an option. But it is a homicidal option. If women choose to end their pregnancies they must take responsibility for homicide. A society that rigs things so that abortion is the way forward to better living standards is also responsible for homicide. It’s an individual in a system thing. We need to work for neighbourhoods, jurisdictions and a world where women don’t feel the need to choose abortion as a way of managing reproductive issues.

Crumbs are pollution. Resources seem limited. We must be good stewards and not pollute our home or consume with wild abandon. We are to respect non human creation not simply for its usefulness to us or its part in our environment, but also for what these creatures are in themselves to the joy of the Creator.

So while the way we use resources is important if we follow the wisdom of the Creator in regards to human life in the image of the Creator, the Creator will provide what we need.

Some of the legitimization of abortion argument assumes that the earth is a closed system and that resources are strictly limited. This is a useful assumption because the system is closed to us. But it is not necessarily an absolute truth. The system may be closed to us, but it is not closed to the Creator, according to the Creator’s purposes.

This is not an excuse to pollute. Jesus will not beam us up out of the mess. But the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness there of. So if we take the revelation of the Creator seriously in our lives we can trust the Creator to fulfill the Creator’s purposes according to the Creator’s promises.


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