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The origins of the concept of a “white” race — Tim Wise

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I do not completely endorse the ideas of Tim Wise. However, on the origins of a supposed “white race” and construction of societal privilege for a supposed “white race” I believe he is on solid ground and has an important view to contribute to understanding racism and how to counter it. I would add that there is a spiritual dimension to this that Wise’s work does not explore. There are demonic powers in collusion with vested human economic and political interests.

White privilege does NOT necessarily directly relate to the pigmentation of an individual’s skin or an individual’s social economic experience. It is an ideology that was originally constructed by wealthy European colonial interests to divide most of humanity against each other and to divide, conquer and exploit the work of others in extracting, sustaining, expanding, and protecting wealth and power.

The fact that wealth and power tend to produce collusion in order to protect wealth and power does not mean that Marx’s theories of classes and class warfare are completely valid. The fact that Tim Wise and others draw on Marx’s flawed theories does not invalidate their work in identifying vested human interests constructing ideology and propaganda to serve themselves at the expense of the well being of others.

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