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Lottery Ticket temptation…

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I used to have a hard line against lotto…I still don’t think it’s a good idea for the provinces to sponsor it. It has a bad social impact.

I used to avoid buying lotto tickets because I did not want to profit off the misery of addicted others.

Very occassionally, when the prize is high enough, I will buy a lotto ticket.

The system beyond the lottery is designed to keep us consuming and insolvent, available for work and anxious. Lotto is an opiate of the masses to dream big.

I have a theory that if I win the LOTTO the resolution of my financial issues will not bring glory to God because people will write it off as luck rather than providence. I have a theory that Jesus wants me to rest in him even in the midst of the debt we have accumulated through mis fortune and the shabbiness of others against our own financial common sense as we seek to pursue God’s Kingdom, the Person and Rule of JEsus Christ, above all else.

I find the debt stressful. I find underemployment of my spouse stressful and the result of systemic racism in Canada. I find the blow to my Canadian patriotism stressful in a way.

And I find myself drooling over 30 million dollar jack pots and what I could do with the money. I picture scrooge mcDuck in his swimming pool full of money…

And I occassionally fall to temptation and buy a lotto ticket finding ways to rationalize it with sophistry about the kingdom of this world and the Kingdom of God.

What if I won….argh…..Lord preserve me a double minded man. Give me a heart after you. And if I should win the lotto, Lord do not hand me over to my own desires, but live your life in me to Your Glory. And not me alone Lord, but bring us into deeper fellowship as Your body, here in our local communities and throughout the world.

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