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Baptism: It’s Purpose Practice and Power. Michael Green.

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This book is one of the reasons why I’m a Presbyterian. When I came to faith or back to faith as an adult in 1991 with what I believed to be a call to the ministry of the Word I had to sort through the meaning of my baptism as an infant in the Roman Church. Michael Green’s Biblical articulation of baptism as the sign of the covenant while interacting with the Roman and the Anabaptist positions led to clarity that I had been properly baptized and that the church is properly believers in Christ and their covenant children. I almost became an Anglican (Green, Stott and Packer are three of my fav. theologians) but I believe in theory, the balance of presbyterian government is a better expression of the priesthood of believers than either episcopal or congregationalist systems.

Apparently an ebook version is available through the following website, ONLINE BOOKS, but I haven’t yet had a statement on whether access to EPUB files continues if one cancels one’s monthly subscription.

Baptism: Its Purpose, Practice, and Power

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