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Affiliate Marketing — Why I chose the companies I have chosen

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I am looking for new wineskin mashups of commerce and ministry.  I’ve chosen the following companies for affiliate marketing for the following reasons:  Amazon is hands down the leader in ebook publishing and distribution.  Many of the theological and other titles that I’m interested in are not available in any other e-book format.  So, despite my theoretical misgivings about DRM and mega-multinational corporations, in the interest of reducing the load of lugging paper books about, I direct my readers to kindle editions and collect a small commission should anyone purchase through links on this site. Better world books is a socially and ecologically responsible company that began with three friends selling text books on line to fund their education at Notre Dame.  By reselling used books, and by donating books and funds to worthy literacy causes Better World Books is making this planet a better place for people in ways that I believe would please both Jesus and His mother. I use this service to purchase re-furbished toner cartridges for our printers. It is a Canadian company and I’m impressed with their product and service.

The re-use of old toner cartridges saves materials, saves money, and reduces our impact on the carrying capacity of the planet. Additionally one can purchase cables and other computer accessories and peripherals through these links.