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When I returned to faith in Jesus my first pastor, John Vissers, gave me a typed bibliography of significant works to shape a Christian mind. So I’m stealing that idea and adding a 21st century twist by providing affiliate links though which you may purchase any book featured. is a partictular favourite of mine because of their commitment to triple bottom line operations (financial, social, and ecological benefits).

E-books are a new passion because I’ve had to move so often and a physcial library is a heavy and an expensive thing to tow around. One of the limitation of ebooks is the number of formats and the way some companies lock you into proprietary files that other brands of e-reader cannot use. This can be overcome with Calibre: An open source application that is, in it’s own words “the one stop solution to all your e-book needs.” (while Calibre works quite well there is no legal way to remove DRM in Canada.  Ugh, Welcome to ebooks!

And remember :

Project Gutenberg for free ebooks of public domain materials!

Used books are awesome in that they fulfill the Reduce and Reuse portion of the three (four?) R’s.  So in these small ways attempts to sell books in a sustainable fashion.

And of course, there is always your local library and your local independent book seller. For those who do not live near a theological college it may be hard to find some of the titles in a public library or local book store. Although, you can always put in a request!

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