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Oikos – The Greek word for home.  It is the ‘eco’ in economy, ecology and ecumenism.

Oikonautics – noun – plural treated as singular:

a. the art, science and practice of crewing space ship earth (thank you Buckminster Fuller).

b.  the harmonization of ecology and economics towards a healthier, more sane
global human habitat.

c.  the study or practice of living on earth as God’s creation & the home of humanity.

d.  the study or practice of travelling through our earthly life in the present manifestation of our heavenly home.

This is a word coined by C. Jorna in January 2011 on the pattern of aeronautics and astronautics

Sustainable  – practices are sustainable when their “…activities:
use materials in continuous cycles; use continuously reliable sources of energy,
[and] come mainly from the qualities of being human (i.e creatvity, communication,
coordination, appreciation, and spiritual and intellectual development.)”

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