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Before you contribute to this ministry, please take a moment to consult with Jesus about your finances.  We need to make sure we are obedient to our Lord in the finances of our local fellowships before we consider additional offerings to other ministries.

Once you have heard from Him on that stewardship issue, if you believe Holy Spirit is leading you to click the donate button on this website, then please do!  Thank you!

Buskers play music and folks contribute as they please.

Well here this free – range theologian is busking prose in cyberspace, and the hat or guitar case is the Paypal donate button.

We tip our servers, porters,  and taxi drivers and we subscribe to our favourite magazines, be they paper and ink or on-line.

If anything in this website appears to be of value, please feel free to support this author financially.

The purpose of this website may have more political overtones than can fit within the Canada Revenue Agency’s definition of a charity.  Also, because this ministry is without any formal organization, and it has only one worker, it does not fit the definition of non-profit. Therefore, any funds received through the donate button or through advertising revenue will be reported as gratuities or self employment income.

“this is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants, who give their full time to governing.”
Romans 13:6, NIV




Thank You! & Thank You, Heavenly Papa, for provision for your children!

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