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Christian Theology: An Introduction, Alister E. McGrath

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Christian Theology: An Introduction - 5th Edition< \a>

A mentor of mine, John Vissers, gave me the first edition of this book as a graduation present from Knox College.  Upon reading it I immediatly wished it had been availble to me for my first year introduction to theology.  It is an excellent introduction to the deveopment of Christian thought from the early church.  Even though it is used at graduate level seminary courses it is written at university reading level.  (ie it should be digestible by any one with a dictionary and grade academic12 English).  I used it and its companion, A Christian Theology Reader, as a text book to train lay pastors in Guyana. For those with the academic background to use it it was helpful. Concise Theology by J.I. Packer was helpful to the whole class.

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