Dramatic Example of errosion for No Till vs conventional agriculture following 6 inch rain event

Notill vs conventional till after a 6 inch rain event. The power of residue and good soil structure! pic.twitter.com/fXx0nDYPA5 — Michael Thompson (@Tfarmandranch) September 8, 2016 … Continue reading →

The Dissident Potato — 2015 Season Highlights — Michael Dahl

Please Click HERE or on the IMAGE ABOVE to view photographs of the 2015 season highlights by urban gardener Michael Dahl on his blog dissidentpotato.com (I love the name) http://dissidentpotato.com/2015-season-highlights.html … Continue reading →

If you have ever eaten an egg from Costco, you should know this. | elephant journal

We occasionally buy eggs from ‘Walco’ or ‘Costmart’ because the price seems right financially, and well we are there, so we might as well grab a few things.  Lame but true. Jesus help us, the sinful system around us is … Continue reading →