Prayer Makes a Difference at Synod 2015 | Article | Christian Reformed Church

Please CLICK HERE or on the Rev. Heather Stroobosscher’s IMAGE ABOVE to read her report on the recent Christian Reformed Church Synod:  “Prayer Makes a Difference”

Jon Stewart — Charleston Church Shooting — Canada, Think

Canadians, lest we smuggly think the US is the one with murderous racist problems, think residential schools for aboriginals. It’s no mistake that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission that recently presented its final report is named for a famous commission dealing with Apartheid in South Africa. As South Africa was to it’s indegenous people so Canada is, in many ways, to our indigenous peoples.

Jesus, Help!

A Choice for Recovering Addicts: Relapse or Homelessness — Kim Barker

This is a US story, but we need to work on this in Canada as well. Heavenly Father, give us wisdom to put prayer in action, that we may help those who want to recover to regain the dignity they … Continue reading →