Eternity Martis on Racism in London, ON

To read Eternity Martis’s response to London, ON’s response to his experience of racism while a student at Western, please CLICK HERE or on the IMAGE ABOVE.

Jon Stewart — Charleston Church Shooting — Canada, Think

Canadians, lest we smuggly think the US is the one with murderous racist problems, think residential schools for aboriginals. It’s no mistake that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission that recently presented its final report is named for a famous commission dealing with Apartheid in South Africa. As South Africa was to it’s indegenous people so Canada is, in many ways, to our indigenous peoples.

Jesus, Help!

Inequitable school funding called ‘one of the sleeper civil rights issues of our time’ – The Washington Post

The Link to the Washington Post Article refers to situations in the USA. However, In Canada we also have an issue with racist inequitable school funding.  The funding per student for aborignal schools through Aborignal Affairs & Northern Development Canada … Continue reading →